Pharmaceutical and digital health applications

When:nTuesday, June 16th 2020 - 2 till 5pm

Where: Zoom-Meeting

Who: QuR.digital - Institute for Quality and Regulation of Digital Medicine supported by the German Association of Internet Medicine (BiM) and the German Pharmaceutical Industry Association (BPI)

Why: Digitalisation of medicine is on the rise: remote treatment, electronic patient files, digital health applications, e-prescription and telematics infrastructure. The foundations have been laid. But where are the opportunities and advantages for the pharmaceutical industry? Can the pharmaceutical industry effectively distribute or use digital health applications?

What: The web conference is intended to provide all participants with practical reports (hotspots) by committed insiders from the field of digital medicine with a solid background in the pharmaceutical industry, providing inspiration and a framework for action for sustainable strategy development in digital medicine.  In a subsequent matching, the experts will develop and compile theses on the future benefits of digital health applications for the pharmaceutical industry.



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79, – € (VAT included)

49, – € (VAT included) for members of the BiM or the BPI

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