In times of the Covid-19 pandemic it is important to focus on its positive aspects as well. This emergency gives diGA manufacturers in particular a well-deserved boost – after all, they can make a significant contribution to supporting and relieving the medical profession.

The DVG, previously considered a major paradigm shift, now appears in a new light and is even more than necessary. Because now that doctor-patient contact is to be avoided as much as possible, a large part of the medical process is to take place within the patient’s own home. So diGAs are now more vital than ever before.

Many aspects of digitization in the health care system have so far been progressing sluggishly under the skeptical eyes of most doctors, who now would not be able to cope without it. Insights gained during this difficult time will not simply disappear after the pandemic has subsided.

Sebastian Vorberg, Head of Legal at QuR and owner of the law firm Vorberg.Law, takes a close look at all of this in his commentary for and thus shows the manufacturers of diGAs in particular the opportunities that accompany the corona crisis. This also clarifies the question of the extent to which law and protective measures against the virus go hand in hand. For further topics arising from the current situation, please refer to the Vorberg.Law blog.