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In our new podcast - Innovative Medizin QueR gedacht - by QuR.digital and Vorberg.Law Philip Kopf and Sebastian Vorberg deal with all topics concerning innovation in medicine. They don't just follow the mainstream, but think "crosswise". Please notice that our Podcast content is only available in german.

Season 2

Episode 5: DiGA-manufacturers are running into the regulation trap!

Episode 4: Misjudgements endanger digital health!

Episode 1: Digital medicine caught in the evaluation trap?

Episode 2: Digital medicine in Germany needs digital competence!

Episode 3: Can doctors do future?

Season 1

Episode 1: How does Corona change digital medicine?

Episode 2: What are the accelerator and brake of digital medicine in Germany?

Episode 3: Which influence does data protection have on digital medicine?

Episode 4: How does reimbursemet of diGA's according to the DVG work?

Episode 5: Evaluation concepts in digital medicine?

Episode 6: Pharma and digital health applications?

Episode 7: Imagine it's diGA and nobody shows up!

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