Health data? - why, surely.

The characteristic feature of data protection in medicine is the handling of sensitive health data. Legal certainty in this area, therefore, requires special attention and industry-specific experience. The development of data medicine is only just beginning. Only with the progressive development of digital patient files and other digital health services will the comprehensive extent of the necessary data security become apparent. With the necessary, comprehensive data networking in medicine, every market participant will be affected by the regulation of health data. creates security for all parties involved, with a fundamental focus on the benefit to the patient.

Step 1: Inspection

Within the first step, we work with you to conduct a legal and process-related analysis of all relevant data processing steps, documentation, role assignments, security requirements and risk processes of your company. The aim of this analysis is to determine your individual need for action.

Step 2: Optimization

In a second step, this is followed by an optimization of any deficits previously identified during the analysis with regard to conformity with the GDPR. supports you both in the development and expansion of already existing data protection concepts with a special focus on the processing of health data.

Step 3: Certification

In the (optional) third step, the process and development support is completed by issuing the certificate "GDPR-compliant". With this certificate you will be able to demonstrate to your customers and supervisory authorities that you comply with the highest standards of data protection law.