The corona pandemic is currently causing worldwide chaos, turning concepts that would otherwise be considered generally effective on their heads.

This raises a number of questions, particularly with regard to data protection, because health data, which must be classified as particularly vulnerable, now plays an essential role. We, as individuals, but also as a society, benefit from a free flow of information at this time. This helps us to recognise situations that are dangerous to our health at an early stage and thus to prevent them. In addition to the general restriction of our social contacts, a sensitive approach to the pandemic is of particular importance at work.

Employers are called upon to exercise their duty of care here, as it is their responsibility to handle the data collected in a responsible manner in order to protect their employees – especially vulnerable groups of people – but also the general public from the dangers of infection.

Why data protection is not a hurdle here, which lessons the Covid 19 crisis has brought with it and why every single person is now asked for is explained in detail in this article in the blog of the law firm Vorberg.Law.